The Top Most Famous And The Wonderful Restaurants Of Austria

Austria is famous and well known for its scenic beauty as well as for its delicious cuisines. The elegant and Michelin-lauded restaurant of the city and the charming bistros offer the gourmet dining of world-class at its most refined and family-run eateries. The food of Vienna, Austria effortlessly blends in both the spectacular and intimate, innovative and traditional, contemporary and the classic style.

  1. The Sterereck
  2. The Fabio’s
  3. The Glacis Beisl
  4. The Novelli

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Best-vienna-restaurants-Steirereck-viennTHE STEIRERECK:

The store reck restaurant is the double Michelin-starred restaurant of Vienna, Austria. It serves the classic Viennese dishes alongside the international cuisine and contemporary Austrian which is complemented by the colorful wines from a cellar of 35,000 bottles. An elegant and smart dining space gives a way to a smoky classic area which is known as red salmon. While the private dinners can be accommodated in 25-person theater.


The Fabio’s is the famous and much-loved destination restaurant which offers an innovative and Mediterranean fine dining. The creative interpretations and the mouth-watering classic dishes of Fabio’s have helped it to forge a reputation as one of the extraordinary and finest gourmet experiences in Austria, Vienna. The interior of this restaurant is contemporary; light-filled elegant of leather and wood adds comfort and style to the memorable and chic dining experience.


The Glacis Beisl of Vienna is a little bistro which serves the cleverly interpreted fare of Austria in anĀ  historic location at the old walls of the city. The restaurant is redesigned with a dashing contemporary flair for the modern, young crowd. The decor of this restaurant is inviting and elegant, the food is creative and classic and the fragrant gardens of Glacis Beisl promise relaxed the alfresco dining at its best.


The Novelli is the Michelin-starred and award-winning restaurant which prides itself by using the fresh ingredients for its wonderful and authentic Mediterranean fare which is served with the contemporary twist, on-trend interior space, all enjoyed in a sleek which is the definition of high-class dining. This restaurant promises to make your night awesome and even more special by offering you the world-class wine with the top sommeliers or tailoring a menu to suit you as well as your guests.


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