Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the European nation. It is the principal seat of the royal Belgian family. Brussels is famous for its cafe culture and fantastic restaurant. May be Brussels don’t have the star attraction like other towns of Belgium. But it has the world class galleries and museums which catch the attention of the tourists and make them occupy the place for the couple of days. Brussels have wide collection of 89 museums and there are also small museums like the museum of chocolate and cocoa. Few selected popular museum are listed below.

MUSEUM OF THE BRUSSELS CITY : This museum is one of the popular museums of the Brussels city. There are 3 floors in this museum and each one is dedicated to the aspects of the city from the development, social and economical to the Brussels history.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ’S MUSEUM : This museum has 7000 pieces of musical instruments from all over the world. You can listen to the music from the headphone at the top of the style of art Noumea with the patio which has the view of panoramic of its gardens and the city.

NATURAL SCIENCES ’S MUSEUM : This museum lies near the building of parliament on the Leopold Park. It’s a gigantic building which has fossils and gigantic bones of blue whales and dinosaurs. It’s a building of cube- shaped which is perfect to display to children as well as to adults.

MUSEUM OF Bellevue : This museum is dedicated to the history of Belgium from the beginning since 1830 until today as the modern Belgium. This museum was the palace which turned in to a hotel and today made it as a museum of the history.

MUSEUM OF CHOCOLATE AND COCOA : This museum is popular for its chocolate and cocoa filled with the liqueurs, nut paste and creams. This small museum gives you the information about the bean of cocoa.

MUSEUM OF TOYS : This is the place where you can bring your kids or adults who are mad and crazy about toys. This museum is full of toys from top to bottom which is nostalgic but playable.

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