Switzerland Tourist Visa Requirements From UK

Planning a Trip To Switzerland in the Europe sure sounds like a sure shot idea! But what are some important procedures and formalities to be fulfilled before heading out to pack your bags?

Switzerland Tourist Visa

The prospective applicants who wish to Apply For A Visa To Switzerland must fulfill certain requirements in order to get their visas issued on time. There are certain guidelines to be followed for the application of Switzerland Visa From UK. If you follow the set of rules and adhere to the given guidelines, the chances of your visa application getting rejected are considerably less. Here, we have two important steps in the Application of visa for the tourists who visit Switzerland.

1. Checking The Validity Of Your Passport : All the tourists from UK who want to pay a Tourist Visit To Switzerland must have a valid passport for 90 days. But it is highly recommended that you should have the validity of 6 months in your passport for travelling. The citizens of UK can acquire forms and information for new passport applications and get their passports renewed.

2. Passport Should Have Blank Visa Pages : Europe requires that a passport should have enough blank pages to use for stamps. Leave at least 2-3 free pages in the visa section of your passport. Because it is important to have some free space in your passport for the purpose of stamping and not having enough space often results in confusion and lack of clarity.

Book Switzerland Visa Application London

The booking of appointment requires a great deal of time and effort and it is quite a lengthy procedure. Read on to follow the instructions for booking a prior appointment for visa application from the UK.

  1. The application must be made for whom the application is being made and that person should appear for an interview at the Consulate.
  2. When you book for more than one appointment, you must use your personal details such as your family name and so on.Note that only the person who is applying and one accompanying person like a guardian/parent in case of a minor is allowed to enter in the Consulate General Office. ID proof such as passport, ID card or a UK driving license is mandatory.

Switzerland Visa Online Application Form

If You Are Applying For An Appointment For The Visa, You Must Send The Appointment Esquire Request.

  1. Select the correct visa category
  2. You should have the correct application supporting documents
  3. Make sure you have all the Itinerary information and the passports in hand
  4. Enter the information in the correct format
  5. Enter the passport information as it is in your passport
  6. Enter any additional application details if travelling in a group

Note:- That the appointments cannot be booked in advance prior to 60 days and during the holiday season, the appointment validity is not constant and is subject to changes and alterations.