get for japan tourist visa

The most important instrument required for the visit of the foreign country is a Visa. Japan is not an exception to this, one require obtaining the Japan tourist Visa, if they are planning to visit the country for a general purpose.

Legal Requirements:There are certain formalities which need to be fulfilled before the application. The checklist of the documentation required is:

– A valid passport with at least 6 months post journey.
– One recent passport size photograph (colored, on plain background).
– Completely filled and signed application form.
– Relevant applicable tourist visa fee.
– The proof and details of inward and outward journey (confirmed tickets).
– Accommodation details (confirmed booking for the hotel of stay).

– Persons having any criminal record in the home country or the resident country are not entitled to apply for Japan Tourist Visa.
– The people who are affected by any kind of serious disease also are not entitled for visa.

If you have some acquaintances already residing in the country then, the additional requirements will be:
– Details of the hotel stay are not required.
– An invitation letter of the person in Japan is mandatory.
– The proof of residence and contact details.
– Bank statement, proof of employment or the tax return file either of these are mandatory to submit.

Other Immigration checks:
– The fingerprint and the photograph is required for every tourist at the immigration counter for certain security reasons.
– There is the limit set on the articles which can be carried by the tourist. The tourist must not carry the items which are costing more than 200,000 yen as the market value.
The visitor shall first check the country before applying for visa. as there are total 62 countries declared by the Japan Govt. who can visit the country directly and does not require the visa for short term visits of general purpose.