China Tourist Visa Easier way to apply for visa

There is the number of tourists visiting China every year, hence requires the number of the Chinese Visa and also with the increase in demand of visa the requirements for all its queries are also increasing day by day.

China Tourist Visa is also known as the L-Visa, is issued exclusively only for the tourists who want to visit the country for the general purpose or their personal affairs.

Process: –   Passport: with the validity of 6 months after the completion of the visa validity and at least one empty page for the visa stamp in the passport.

–   One recent passport sized photograph with the plain background.

–     Fully filled up application form along with the application fees.

–     Other documents as per the country’s specifications.

You need to submit all the above documents with the Embassy or the Visa application center. The process is generally very time consuming and has different specifications as per the country of residency.
To make the process more convenient for the applicants the online travel agencies and the visa agents are there who are authorized to apply visa on behalf of the applicants.

Other key points: If the application is not completed perfectly and there are certain missing information the application can be rejected by the officials.

For certain country specific the application also requires the additional documents like the medical certificates, currency specifications, purpose of visit etc.It is advisable to apply for the visa at least a month before as required by the applicant.

Generally single entry visa is issued for the visit unless applied for multi entry with the supporting reasons for the same.The China Tourist Visa is generally non renewal whereas certain liberalized policies can be adopted as per the case specifications.