Best theme parks in Dubai

Dubai is a dream holiday destination and one cannot expect anything less than perfect from it. If you are planning a holiday trip with your family, Dubai has got you covered.  However, you will have to apply for Dubai visa to visit Dubai and you can easily get it with the help of a private agency by simply applying online for Dubai visa. Dubai has a large number of theme parks, leaving you with a variety of options to choose from. The amazing rides and thrilling activities are loved by all the age groups. So let’s have a closer look at the top theme parks in Dubai –


closer look at the top theme parks in Dubai –

  1. The Aqua venture water park – The Aqua venture water park is an irresistible holiday destination for fun lovers with plenty of rides and theme based activities.This theme based park has unbeatable options for the water rides fans. Thesplash area for kids, zip lines, shark filled lagoons and a lot more for the enjoyment of the whole family. This theme based park is a lot more than just a water park. One can really see and interact with aquatic animals which are really fascinating.
  1. IMG Worlds of Adventure –The IMG is an indoor theme based park and is suitable for those who want to have theme park fun without being exposed to the heat. Being the largest theme park of its own kind, the IMG has five distinct zones namely the IMG Boulevard, Marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon network and Novo Cinemas. Each zone offers something different for adults and kids.
    IMG Worlds of Adventure
  1. Ski Dubai – A perfect place to chill out in summer is the Ski Dubai. Attracting a huge number of visitors each year this resort is a perfect blend of technology with a natural ambiance.The visitors can enjoy skiing, tubing and snowboarding in this park just like real mountain locations.

    There are many theme parks in Dubai to choose from but it all depends on your taste and preference. So, get your tourist visa for Dubai and be ready to explore the most amazing holiday destination in the world.

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