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Best theme parks in Dubai

Dubai is a dream holiday destination and one cannot expect anything less than perfect from it. If you are planning a holiday trip with your family, Dubai has got you covered.  However, you will have to apply for Dubai visa to visit Dubai and you can easily get it with the help of a private agency by simply applying online for Dubai visa. Dubai has a large number of theme parks, leaving you with a variety of options to choose from. The amazing rides and thrilling activities are loved by all the age groups. So let’s have a closer look at the top theme parks in Dubai –


closer look at the top theme parks in Dubai –

  1. The Aqua venture water park – The Aqua venture water park is an irresistible holiday destination for fun lovers with plenty of rides and theme based activities.This theme based park has unbeatable options for the water rides fans. Thesplash area for kids, zip lines, shark filled lagoons and a lot more for the enjoyment of the whole family. This theme based park is a lot more than just a water park. One can really see and interact with aquatic animals which are really fascinating.
  1. IMG Worlds of Adventure –The IMG is an indoor theme based park and is suitable for those who want to have theme park fun without being exposed to the heat. Being the largest theme park of its own kind, the IMG has five distinct zones namely the IMG Boulevard, Marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon network and Novo Cinemas. Each zone offers something different for adults and kids.
    IMG Worlds of Adventure
  1. Ski Dubai – A perfect place to chill out in summer is the Ski Dubai. Attracting a huge number of visitors each year this resort is a perfect blend of technology with a natural ambiance.The visitors can enjoy skiing, tubing and snowboarding in this park just like real mountain locations.

    There are many theme parks in Dubai to choose from but it all depends on your taste and preference. So, get your tourist visa for Dubai and be ready to explore the most amazing holiday destination in the world.


Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the European nation. It is the principal seat of the royal Belgian family. Brussels is famous for its cafe culture and fantastic restaurant. May be Brussels don’t have the star attraction like other towns of Belgium. But it has the world class galleries and museums which catch the attention of the tourists and make them occupy the place for the couple of days. Brussels have wide collection of 89 museums and there are also small museums like the museum of chocolate and cocoa. Few selected popular museum are listed below.

MUSEUM OF THE BRUSSELS CITY : This museum is one of the popular museums of the Brussels city. There are 3 floors in this museum and each one is dedicated to the aspects of the city from the development, social and economical to the Brussels history.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ’S MUSEUM : This museum has 7000 pieces of musical instruments from all over the world. You can listen to the music from the headphone at the top of the style of art Noumea with the patio which has the view of panoramic of its gardens and the city.

NATURAL SCIENCES ’S MUSEUM : This museum lies near the building of parliament on the Leopold Park. It’s a gigantic building which has fossils and gigantic bones of blue whales and dinosaurs. It’s a building of cube- shaped which is perfect to display to children as well as to adults.

MUSEUM OF Bellevue : This museum is dedicated to the history of Belgium from the beginning since 1830 until today as the modern Belgium. This museum was the palace which turned in to a hotel and today made it as a museum of the history.

MUSEUM OF CHOCOLATE AND COCOA : This museum is popular for its chocolate and cocoa filled with the liqueurs, nut paste and creams. This small museum gives you the information about the bean of cocoa.

MUSEUM OF TOYS : This is the place where you can bring your kids or adults who are mad and crazy about toys. This museum is full of toys from top to bottom which is nostalgic but playable.

VISA FOR BELGIUM : The UK residents do not require a Belgium visa from UK to enter Belgium. They can obtain a visa for Belgium on their arrival. You can apply online for Belgium visa if needed. And the good thing is the citizens of UK does not required the Belgium tourist visa for a stay up to 5 days and they don’t require even a business visa to Belgium. You just have to provide your valid passport for a period of 90 days. And you should check for at least 2 free blank pages in your passport allowing for any stamps up on your departure and arrival.

Beautiful Trip To The Beautiful Spain

Have You Ever Been to Spain During Summer?

Have You Ever Travelled to This Place With Your Family and Friends?

Have You Ever Explored This Beautiful City?

Spain Is a Very Famous Tourist Spots and It Is Very Popular Amongst the Tourist and Travellers. Irrespective of Any Season Spain Is Always Beautiful and People Get Spell Bound with Its Beauty. But During the summer, it has a Different Look and It Looks Beautiful and Attracts Thousands of Visitors across the Globe. If You Are Planning for a Trip To Spain, Then Make Sure That You Apply For Spain Tourist Visa at First. They Will Have Some Formalities That You Should Be Doing and Once You Are Done With the Visa Application Formalities That You Should Do by Going to the Embassy Directly, You Can Go Ahead With the Plans. There Would Be a Lot of Things to Do and Plan Up for the Holiday Trip.

Trip To Spain

Only When There Is No Tension and Hurdle You Are Happy Enough to Pack Your Bags Peacefully and Then Happily Hop on to Look Forward for the Day to Land in Spain. The Beauty of Spain Is Something That People From All Over the World Adore It and They Get Taken Aback With It. Though There Are Various Reasons That Makes This Place a Wonderful and the Beautiful One the Most Common and the Most Famous Is the Monuments and the Historical Art That Is Preserved Until Now.

When You Travel To Spain You Will See All the Monuments and Walls That Are From the Ancient History and From the Past. They Look Beautiful and Adds Up to the Beauty of This Place. The Places in This City Are Spectacular and It Would Be a Feast for the Lens Men and Even for the Ones Who Adore and Admire the Nature’s Beauty.

How To Apply For Switzerland Visa

Getting the Visa Has Become an Easy Task These Days and You Need Not Fret and Worry a Lot About It. Things Have Become Way Easier and You Need to Know How to Get Things Done. That’s it. No Matter Wherever You Fly, You Will Have to Get the Visa. That’s Like a Pass That Allows You for a Legal Stay and Entry to This Place. There Are Many Places in the World That Does Not Ask You for the Visa. And there is Many Places That Provides Visa Stamping When You Arrive at That Place.

How To Apply For Switzerland Visa

There Are So Many in Which You Can Apply For Switzerland Visa. The Foremost Is That You Need to Hire an Agency and Then Get the Visa Processing Done. There Are Many Agencies That Gives You Only the Appointments and the Rest You Have to Do. There Are Agencies That Work and Do the Processing on Your Behalf and Give You E-visa Through the Mail.

Both the Ways You Should Be Aware of the Agency and the Authentic Work. There Are Agencies That Deals With Only Fraudulent Acts. They Take Your Money and Go AWOL. This Is the Reason, You Should Be Cautious of Which Agency You Deal for Getting the Visa Processing Done. You Need to Submit the Documents and Papers and They Are Very Important. Few of Them Should Be Scanned and Few Should Be Copied and Attached While Submitting the Application Form. The Switzerland Visa Application Form Can Be Downloaded From the Online Resources or You Could Ask for Help From the Agency Itself to Guide You. You Can Fill in the Details and Once the Submission Is Done, You Will Be Called for the Meeting. The Appointments Are Fixed by the Agents and They Will Submit Your Application.

Top 5 Things To Do In Switzerland

Switzerland Is a Place Where You Can Enjoy to the Most Irrespective of Who You Are With. No Matter Whoever Accompanies You It Is Going to Be a Wonderful One. No Matter Whichever Time of the Year You Plan Your Vacation in, You Will Still Have So Many Things to Enjoy and Have Fun in. Switzerland Is Situated in the Central Europe and It Is One of the Most Beautiful and Romantic Places Across the Globe. The Hilly Alps and the Mountains That Are Filled and Covered With Snow Are Something You Should Not Miss to See.

Things To Do In Switzerland

Following Are the Top Five Things That You Should Do When You Are in Switzerland and You Should Not Miss It as It Is Going to Be a Once in Lifetime Experience.

  1. Wine
  2. Camping
  3. Skiing
  4. Chocolates


Switzerland Is Famous for Wine. You Could Drink Varieties of Wine and the Taste of the Wine Here Is Unbeatable as They Are All Made Up in the Wine Yards Freshly Prepared With the Experts.


The Camps in Switzerland Are Very Famous. If You Are Going on a Tours and Travel, Then You Will Have Camps in Package for Sure. There Are Various Activities That Are Arranged and Organized in the Camps.


The Snow Peak Are Around Everywhere and You Can Enjoy Playing in These Snow Peaks and Having All the Fun. You Could Also Try Skiing on These Snow Peaks Too.


Switzerland Is Famous for Chocolates. Milk Chocolates Were First Invented Here and There Are So Many Varieties of Chocolates That Are Made in This Place.

For Visiting This Place, You Need to First Get the Tickets and Then Apply For Switzerland Visa. Only Then You Can Board the Flights and Land in the Dream World.

What Is A Schengen Visa?

The Schengen Visa is a 90-day Tourist Visa For Schengen zone countries that include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

For citizens of unfortunate countries, like the Philippines, we are required to Apply For Schengen Visa for short stays in the Schengen zone. But even after you’ve fulfilled all the requirements, you might still not be granted a visa.

With a Schengen Visa, we are allowed entry into the zone up to 90 days within a 180 day period. These days don’t need to be consecutive. This means that you can leave the zone to go to other neighboring countries and then come back again and the counting continues. The total is cumulative. Once Day 181 hits, the count resets itself.

If you’re from another country, you can find the specific rules regarding your country at this. If you’re going to study or work in Europe or getting married to a European, you can’t apply for a Schengen visa. Let me repeat it: It’s just for short stays up to 90 days. Please check the relevant embassy for more information on the type of visa and requirements.

Top 4 Places To Visit In Spain

If You Have Already Made a Plan To Visit Spain This Summer With Your Family or Friends and if You Have Already Got Your Spain Tourist Visa, You Should Probably Not Miss Reading This. This Is a Guide for You to Explore the Place and Get to the City Briefly. There Are Innumerable Places and Things That You Can Visit and Do in Spain. But What Is Important Is That How You Manage the Timings and How You Explore the Place Without Wasting Much Time.

Top 4 Places To Visit In Spain

Following Are the Top Four Famous Places In Spain That You Can Visit in Your Next Holiday Trip!

  1. Seville
  2. Madrid
  3. Salamanca
  4. Avila

1. Seville:

This Is the Capital of Andalusia. This Is Very Famous and It Is Because of the Monuments and the Historical Architecture That Is Preserved in This Place Until Now. There Are Various Parks Too That You Can Visit in This Place. Cathedral of the City Is One Such Famous Monument in Seville.

2. Madrid:

This Is the Capital of Spain. Madrid Is Famous for the Historical Monuments and Museums. This Place Is Very Beautiful and Holds the Beauty of Spain in It. These Museums Are World Famous. Museum Del Prado Is a Famous Museum in Madrid.

3. Salamanca:

This Is a Small Place in Spain. A Kind of Village. But It Holds the Sheer Beauty. The History Is Preserved as Such and the Ones Who Are Doing It Have Done Their Best Jobs Ever for Saving the History.

4. Avila:

The Walls in This Place Are From the Historical Times and They Have Some Nine Gates. The Food Here Is Also Very Famous and Tasty. Try It Out Next Time and You Will Never Miss It Ever Gain if You Happen to Visit Spain.

Things That You Can Do In Switzerland

Whether You Are for a Holiday with Family and Friends or for a Honeymoon, Switzerland Makes Up to Be a Wonderful Place and One Can Enjoy Almost Everything in This Place. But for That You Need to Apply For Switzerland Visa. You Can Apply It through Agents and You Can Apply Directly Too. When You Apply With the Help of the Agents, You Get the Appointment From the Embassy Easily. You Can Fix It in Your Own Flexible Convenient Time. All That You Have to Do Is Apply Through the Online Resources. Get the Application. Fill in the Details and Submit With the Documents Required. That It. You Will Be Called for the Meeting After You Get the Appointment. You Can Directly Go to the Embassy and Get the Visa Task Done.

Things That You Can Do In Switzerland

Switzerland Is a Beautiful Place That You Will Never Be Enough and You Will Never Get Bored of It. It Is Natural and It Is Serene. If You Wish to See the Nature and Its Real Beauty You Should Visit Switzerland at Least Once. This Way You Will Realize, What the Nature Is All About and How Beautiful the Nature Could Be. There Are So Many Things That It Offers for Its Visitors. The Tastiest Wine Is From Switzerland. The Wonderful and the Most Beautiful Sceneries Are From Switzerland. All the Love and Romances You Can Ever Have Is in Switzerland Cos of Its Beauty and the Pleasant Climate. The Fun You Get While Cycling and Skiing Is Something Remarkable and You Will Have Memories Woven Around the Times Spent in This Place.

You Can Always Look Forward to for Going to This Place No Matter How Many Ever Times You Have Ever Been. You Will Still Fall for This Place and You Will Still Want to Go to This Place.

Honeymoon Trip To Switzerland

Have You Just Got Married or Your Wedding Is Almost Around the Corner? Have You Planned Well for the Bid Day? And What about the Plans of Honeymoon Later? If You Haven’t Planned for It, We Have a Very Good Suggestion for You. How About Applying For Switzerland Visa and Flying Off to the Romantic Place? Switzerland Is a Small Country That Is Located in the Central Europe. It Is a Place That Is Very Beautiful and You Have to Visit This Place at Least Once in Lifetime. If You Have Always Dreamt of Taking Your Wife to a Place That Is Beautiful and That Will Give You Lasting Memories and All the Fun and Romance That You Have Dreamt of Till Date.

Honeymoon Trip To Switzerland

The Hilly Alps and the Mountains and the Towns Are Something You Should Never Miss. Switzerland Has Always Been on the Top Spot for Honeymoon and It Is Favourite and Most Popular in the Visitors Pick. People Who Visit This Place Will Only Know Its Beauty and Can Wonder How Beautiful the Nature Could Be. The Weather in This Place Is Pleasant and the Places Re Too Beautiful. There Are So Many Things You Can Do When in Switzerland.

  1. Skiing
  2. Cycling
  3. Tasting The Wine

1. Skiing:

The Snow Peak Are Very Famous and You Will Enjoy and Have All the Fun That You Have Ever Wanted in Life.

2. Cycling:

Under the Warm Sun, and on a Breezy Day, You Could Enjoy Cycling With Your Partner and It Is Going to Be Too Romantic. If Your Love Does Not Know to Ride, You Can Take Her in Your Cycle Itself and You Can Roam Around the Streets.

3. Tasting The Wine:

Wine Is Very Famous in Switzerland. You Can Taste Different Types of Wine and You Can Go to a Wine Factory as Well.

Things You Will Enjoy In Germany

Germany Is a Dream Place for Many Travellers and Tourists. And Why Shouldn’t It Be. After All It Has Got So Many Wonderful Places to See and Some of the Amazing Places to Enjoy Too. The Nature, the People, the Architecture, the Historical Monuments and Even the Historical Events Which Took Place Earlier Are Definitely a Thing to Remember.

All You Need Is Just the Information About Germany Application Requirements and a Pen to Fill the Germany Visa Application Form.

Things You Will Enjoy In Germany

Now Let’s Discuss All Those Things That Will Make Your Trip to Germany Worthwhile and Unforgettable.

The First Thing Is the Awesome Tourist Spots Located There like the Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, Which Is the Symbol of Peace, Neuschwanstein, Bavaria (the Fairy-tale Castle), Once You Go inside This, and It Will Really Be Very Difficult to Come Out of the Beautiful Castle.

Reeperbahn, Where You Can Enjoy Lots of Entertainment and Clubbing; Romantic Road, Which Is Indeed a Beautiful Sight; Die Berliner Mauer – The Berlin Wall, Where You Will Be Awestruck by Its Beauty.

The Next Thing Is the Sports, Some of Them for Which Germany Is Famous for. Like the Fuss Ball, the Name Which They Call for Football, Then the Handball, Tennis, Golf and Other Regional Games Like Ring Riding, Motor Sports, Especially the Formula 1, and Finger Wrestling, in Which the Participants Will Pull Each Other With Their Fingers Tied Up and the One Who Doesn’t Fall Will Be Declared Winner.

The Next and the Main Thing Which You Are Going to Love About the Germany Is the Shopping Places Which You Will Find There, It Is a Great Pleasure to Shop in Germany, Where You Can Enjoy Both Shopping and Sight-seeing at the Same Time. And You Can Also Enjoy Snacking While Shopping.

If You Haven’t Applied Yet, Just Log Onto Your Computer and Apply Online For German Visit Visas and Get Ready to Enjoy!!